Charity Applications

Charities seeking funding from the National Press Gallery Midwinter Ball Foundation in 2019 must complete the online application form by 5pm Friday 2nd August 2019.

All Applicants will be notified by 5pm Friday 14th August as to the success of their application.

The Midwinter Ball Committee has raised over $4.1 million for charity with the help of generous corporate support since its inaugural Ball in 2000.

Applicants are encouraged to nominate specific projects for funding rather than ongoing administrative expenses and are welcome to nominate one or more funding amount requests. All decisions regarding which charities are funded are made independently by the Midwinter Ball Committee and are final.

NOTE: The Midwinter Ball supports national charities only and does not support state based charities except those based in the Australian Capital Territory. Only in exceptional cases do we support international charities.

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*Applicants can nominate up to three different funding amounts. Please be specific about what projects/ work the funding is supporting.

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